• What If You Are the Example?

    A few years ago, when I’d reached the point in the book development process when it was time to match epigraphs to chapters, I was thrilled. Every writer’s dream, right?! Yes, I was thrilled… but also overwhelmed. With so many great lines from books that had absolutely changed my life,…

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  • The Value of Journaling

    When thoughts and feelings demand to be heard, unpacked, and nurtured, my go to is a hot date with my journal. Like therapy, writing is most helpful when habitual and not just a fury we unleash in crisis mode (although there is great power in that release, too). Writing is…

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  • When Addictive Behaviors Make Us Feel “A Little Bit Crazy”

    Oh, man. Here’s a thought that hits home. I had the most vivid image during a therapy session last week: Little Becky, maybe six or seven years old, standing in the middle of a circle, absolutely terrified. Around her stood all the inner parts who seek to keep her safe….

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  • Let the Flowers Bring You Back

    Now it’s like this. These are some of the flowers that line a path I’ve walked for many years, though in different times and (almost) as a different person. I saw them first nine years ago, in the early spring of 2014, when I would cut through the this church…

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  • What Are You Willing to Risk to Reach the Next Point on the Path?

    This illustration from PJ Milani nails it: It’s not *usually* about taking the one giant Thelma and Louise-type leap. It’s about taking a series of small, deliberate steps in the direction of your dreams. Consistency and persistency over time, as an old boss used to say. Is there risk in…

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  • What Slowing Down Feels Like

    Yesterday marked the end of semester finals for my high school freshman, who is celebrating (as she should!) by sleeping in this morning. Finals and the run up to them were tough – there was more studying, and on harder subject matter, than she’d ever known before. “It’s been so…

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  • On Grieving (also: Why I Still Go To Therapy)

    The grief that is December seems to have snuck up on me once again. I’m not sure why am I surprised, though; it’s like clockwork. Every year around Dec. 11 or 12, it creeps up behind me and pinches me hard on the ass. “Me again!” it announces with a…

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  • It’s Always Hygge Season

    It’s Always Hygge Season

    In yesterday’s CIRCLE, we talked about “hygge” – one of my very favorite words to pronounce! – as a legit coping strategy for life. Not familiar with the concept of hygge (pronounced HUE-ga)? It’s a Danish word with no exact English counterpart, though typically it’s translated to mean an atmosphere…

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  • A Plea to Sports Parents

    A Plea to Sports Parents

    Chill. Out. I’m at my daughter’s soccer game. It’s a spectacular October morning. Everything is perfect. Except for the yelling. It’s not just the noise of the yelling, which makes me wish I’d forgotten my hearing aids at home. It’s the intensity of it. The shrillness of it. The absolute…

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