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  • What Slowing Down Feels Like

    Yesterday marked the end of semester finals for my high school freshman, who is celebrating (as she should!) by sleeping in this morning. Finals and the run up to them were tough – there was more studying, and on harder subject matter, than she’d ever known before. “It’s been so…

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  • On Grieving (also: Why I Still Go To Therapy)

    The grief that is December seems to have snuck up on me once again. I’m not sure why am I surprised, though; it’s like clockwork. Every year around Dec. 11 or 12, it creeps up behind me and pinches me hard on the ass. “Me again!” it announces with a…

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  • It’s Always Hygge Season

    It’s Always Hygge Season

    In yesterday’s CIRCLE, we talked about “hygge” – one of my very favorite words to pronounce! – as a legit coping strategy for life. Not familiar with the concept of hygge (pronounced HUE-ga)? It’s a Danish word with no exact English counterpart, though typically it’s translated to mean an atmosphere…

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  • A Plea to Sports Parents

    A Plea to Sports Parents

    Chill. Out. I’m at my daughter’s soccer game. It’s a spectacular October morning. Everything is perfect. Except for the yelling. It’s not just the noise of the yelling, which makes me wish I’d forgotten my hearing aids at home. It’s the intensity of it. The shrillness of it. The absolute…

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  • To the Woman Who is Exhausted

    To the Woman Who is Exhausted

    It’s no wonder you feel so stretched, so threadbare. The voices and forces competing for your attention are many, and they are unrelenting. Some by necessity, some unfairly, yet they demand – loudly – the focus of your eyes and the energy of your heart. Each need from someone outside…

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  • The Seeds of Freedom

    The Seeds of Freedom

    Back in my corporate days, say 10 or 15 or 20 years ago, I was counseled often by wise mentors to play the game, to keep my head down and mouth shut, to do what was asked of me and do it better than anyone else. Usually, that’s what I…

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  • Letting The Voodoos of Ambition Sleep

    Letting The Voodoos of Ambition Sleep

    Some days we are so ON IT, aren’t we? Focused… productive… knocking out things on the to-to list BING BANG BOOM… and then feeling quite accomplished and proud of ourselves. It like, on those days, we are well-oiled machines, churning along, firing on all cylinders. I don’t know about you,…

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  • Living Amid Insanity + Inhumanity

    Living Amid Insanity + Inhumanity

    I’ve been struggling lately with mental organization: Grouping needs and prioritizing tasks, making sense of the timing and order of upcoming gatherings and travel, filling out various forms and keeping track of all the associated paperwork has been overwhelming. It’s as though someone has blown up my inner filing cabinet,…

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  • Ready to Meet in Real Life?!

    Ready to Meet in Real Life?!

    You wanna know how long it’s been since I’ve led a retreat in real life?! IT’S. BEEN. THIS. LONG.  I almost don’t recognize myself pre-pandemic. Pre-homeschool. Pre-Zoom.   Pre-head shave. 🙂  My god. As I have been scrolling back through photos that document the last two+ years since I’ve last…

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