Welcome to THE CIRCLE weekly Zoom gathering

Join my weekly gathering which celebrates the tender, quirky, messy, incredible human experience we’re all navigating.

This is a comfortable gathering space for real people to connect as we seek and heal, grow and change. It’s where we can freely be the glorious little disasters we are and encourage one another as we walk, steadfastly, toward the lives we dream of.


In THE CIRCLE, we touch on topics like empowerment and choice, spirituality and healing, some of our common challenges in life, and our common solutions, too.

We talk about heart and soul and brain and body, books and poems and podcasts, about fear, about joy, loss, resentment, what we long for, what we’re healing from, how we navigate sticky situations. In this space, you’ll experience camaraderie, openness, a sense of being held and seen, laughter and tears.

I’d love for you to join, and feel free to invite others who you think would enjoy as well. In keeping things simple, this will be a monthly subscription, which you can cancel any old time. Your Zoom code will be emailed to you after signup, and you’ll receive a fresh code by email each week.

Members-Only Zoom Gathering every Wednesday

@noon Eastern (11 a.m. C/9 a.m. P)

Join us in THE CIRCLE weekly Zoom gathering

Monthly membership: $20

Frequently asked questions


Hmmm, good question. It’s a bit like Forrest Gump’s box o’ chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get! I draw on my experience as a yoga teacher, workshop + retreat leader, and author to guide discussion around a variety of topics. I also share resources and readings that have been influential on my journey. (If you know my bookshelf, you know I’m not short on resources!) Together, we’ll explore, learn, question, open up, support, be supported, be seen, be real. We’ll talk, we’ll breathe, we’ll connect. We’ll seek, we’ll find. We’ll heal. You can decide how you’ll participate in the Zoom room (e.g., camera on, camera off, share, don’t share), with no pressure in any way.

It’s my intention for this to be a safe, private gathering place. I’ll do my part by setting up controls in Zoom (for example, every participant will need to be logged in to Zoom in order to authenticate); you’ll do yours by not sharing the meeting link or login credentials, keeping conversations private, not sharing anything on social media, etc. Think of it as Vegas, without the casinos and showgirls and booze: What happens in THE CIRCLE stays in THE CIRCLE.

Sorry, but no. These gatherings are not recorded by me, and any screenshots or audio/video recordings are not allowed.

Absolutely! Subscribe next week, next month, whenever. It’s an open invitation with no expiration date.

A few reasons. First and foremost, administrative ease. I wanted something we could just set up once and be done with it, rather than signing up week by week. I also wanted something folks could cancel anytime. The last reason is privacy. The Zoom link is available only to subscribers.  

I’m not set up for that right now, but if you sign up and decide to cancel, just email info@youarenotstuck.com and I’ll take care of it.

No, THE CIRCLE encompasses far more than sobriety. It’s about empowerment and choices, about connecting with ourselves and others in meaningful ways, about all the stuff that makes us laugh and cry and stare off in awe and wonder, about the work of being humans and what we do when life gets lifey. Sobriety may be one piece of the puzzle for some of us, but addiction/recovery is not the sole focus of this meeting. Now, the topic of “emotional sobriety,” on the other hand, is one that’s likely to come up often as that’s a goal for the masses. 

You bet. The more, the merrier!


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Monthly membership: $20

It’s never too late to realize the path you’ve been walking isn’t the one you want to keep walking.

Becky Vollmer

You Are Not Stuck