I’m Becky Vollmer.

Author. Teacher. Speaker. Seeker.

On a mission to empower people to pursue the lives they dream of instead of settling for the ones they feel stuck in through my book You Are Not Stuck®.

Becky Vollmer, founder of You Are Not Stuck®
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I empower people to move from fear to freedom through my writing, teaching, and speaking.

Through straight talk, clear action, and a healthy dose of humor, I help change-seekers like you to reset your priorities, drown out the naysaying voices in your head, and make bold choices for change.

You Are Not Stuck®

How Soul-Guided Choices Transform Fear into Freedom

A distinct blend of permission and spirituality, You Are Not Stuck® will help you excavate your divine inner badass, close the gap between intention and action, and develop a strategic path forward that’s as unique as your thumbprint. Publishers Weekly called it “an honest exhortation to pursue one’s passions.”

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Becky Vollmer has written a brave and deeply wise wake-up call-to-empowerment that will change the lives of every person who picks it up. In a warm, often uproarious voice reminiscent of Anne Lamott, You Are Not Stuck is the book we need right now to guide us through the psychic quicksand that keeps us from moving forward in our lives and fulfilling our potential. I loved it, I learned from it, and I’m passing it on to everyone I know.

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Author of Motherland

Available in hardcover, paperback, audio and e-book

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It’s my mission to remind everyone of this singular truth: We all have choices; we just have to be brave enough to make them. That is the underpinning of all my teachings, whether delivered through my book, in person or online.

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Becky is a powerful and dynamic presence with a thoughtful, down-to-earth style. Polished by two decades in the corporate and political arenas, Becky is professional and relatable for a variety of audiences. She delivers messages of empowerment and choice that will have the audience questioning, connecting, laughing, crying — and, most importantly, taking action.

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