• Release & Repattern

    Release & Repattern

    If you think you’re out of second chances, think again. With every breath… every encounter… every action and reaction… you have a choice. You can choose to feel stuck, or you can decide to find a way out. It’s that simple. No matter how low you feel, no matter how…

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  • Spending the Precious Currency of Time

    Spending the Precious Currency of Time

    One of the greatest insights I ever heard about CHOICE was delivered in the context of TIME. There’s no such thing as not enough time, a smart person told me once. You have to think of time in the same way you think about money: Dole out the precious currency…

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  • Fear of Failure? Aww, “F” It!

    Fear of Failure? Aww, “F” It!

    Go for the gold. Raise the bar. Above and beyond. Ours isn’t a society that rewards mediocrity; instead, we demand performance. As a result, those of us who live here feel compelled to wear the label “overachiever” like a badge of honor. But is that healthy? Does it enrich our life experience??…

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  • Shutup, Twerp!

    Shutup, Twerp!

    You have something important to say and great contributions to make. Don’t let that little voice in your head tell you otherwise. That voice is wrong! It belongs to a pipsqueak twerp who’s blinded by insecurity. It doesn’t speak for the REAL you. Time to squash that little pipsqueak voice…

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  • Potholes


    I was reminded last week of this poem and it’s punch-to-the-gut message about the power of our choices. As usual, it brought on tears. Some were gratitude tears for how far I’ve come. Some were for the road yet to travel. Funny — in some parts of my life, I’m on…

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  • Feeling Stuck?

    Feeling Stuck?

    Sometimes we get comfortable in places that don’t quite fit. We might feel content for a while… but, over time, the corners and edges begin to constrict and squish our creativity… making it difficult to move yet so uncomfortable to stay… and pushing dreams out of reach. But just because…

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  • Surfboards and Straw Hats

    Surfboards and Straw Hats

    In my mind, I’m the chick in the Athleta catalog with the easy smile and spontaneous spirit, my dog and surf board and straw hat beside me in the Jeep as we head from the beach to the mountains on our next adventure. I try to relax and get closer…

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  • Welcome!


    Welcome to You Are Not Stuck, a community for dreamers, for seekers, for all of us who want a life of meaning, freedom and contentment. The choices are in our hands. Don’t be afraid of change!

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