Shutup, Twerp!

You have something important to say and great contributions to make. Don’t let that little voice in your head tell you otherwise. That voice is wrong! It belongs to a pipsqueak twerp who’s blinded by insecurity. It doesn’t speak for the REAL you.

Time to squash that little pipsqueak voice and replace it with words of self-affirmation.

“Yes, you can. Especially if you try.”

“You have talent. You are creative. You are special.”

“You are loved and supported. If you fall, friends will help you up.”

“Don’t be scared. You won’t fail.”

“You are courageous.”

“You never know how great things can be unless you try.”

“I believe in you.”

“All you can do is keep doing your best.”

“You are not stuck.”

Maybe you don’t believe these words at first, but repeat them enough and over time I bet you will. What do you have to lose?

head full of dreams


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