What’s Next? Life.

A friend in sobriety, who was feeling down, asked today: “What’s next? What now??”

Here are the two cents I offered up, in case anyone else is struggling with the same.

“What now, darling?

You breathe.

You keep stepping forward.

You appreciate a snowflake or a warm mug of hot chocolate or a soft sweater against your skin.

You work and learn and share and forgive, mostly yourself. You eat dinner. You do the dishes, with reverence.

You breathe some more and listen for the small, still voice.

You scratch beneath the surface.

You notice what makes you feel empty or full or low or high, and inquire within as to why.

You recognize that the down moments will indeed pass, eventually, and in the meantime, you hunt for beauty. And meaning. And perspective.

You breathe some more and listen for the small, still voice.

You, with your strong back and open front, engage with yourself and others.

You speak or you write, even if no one’s ears or eyes ever land on your words.

You get truthful, about how you feel and what you need, and begin to stop judging yourself if those feelings and needs don’t resemble what you think they should.

And, each day, you choose. You choose yourself and the possibility of your future, and you keep the promises you make.

Keeping those promises will make you stronger.

So that you can keep breathing. And stepping forward. And appreciating and learning and working and sharing and forgiving, with presence and reverence.

In other words, YOU LIVE.”

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