• More 2019 Workshops!

    More 2019 Workshops!

    I’ll keep adding to the list as they are scheduled, but here is the latest + greatest as of today.

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  • New 2018-19 Workshop Schedule

    New 2018-19 Workshop Schedule

    I took a year off from workshops – because, ya know, LIFE! – but the hiatus is over and it’s time to be back in the studio, bringing people together so we can move and breathe and dig deep and share and feel and heal and laugh and connect with…

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  • Angry Sisters: It’s Okay And You’re Not Alone

    Angry Sisters: It’s Okay And You’re Not Alone

    What a few weeks. It’s enough to make a girl want to – ugh, I don’t even know anymore. I feel like I’m one on on one of those playground spinny things that is moving at warp speed, and I can’t seem to jump off. You, too? Feeling a STRONG…

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  • Taking Dictation

    Taking Dictation

    I wrote these words to myself in the first couple weeks after I first stopped drinking, more than four years ago. I was scared to death. I wasn’t at all sure I was ready, or had courage, but I knew change was required and “refuse to self-destruct” became my early…

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  • Suffocating on Inertia

    Suffocating on Inertia

    Oh, Procrastination, you insolent little scourge. You aimless wench. Do you have any clue what angst you heap upon our lives? I’m feeling your force these recent weeks. You’ve got me alternately laughing gamely at myself and pulling my own hair out in boiling-over frustration. How have I let you…

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  • No Better Taste than Freedom

    No Better Taste than Freedom

    My God, I have had this feeling so many times – in my professional life, in my love life, in my spiritual life – and the enormity of the weight that can be released when we get honest with ourselves never ceases to surprise me. It’s LIFE-CHANGING, plain and simple….

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  • Choose Yourself… Again and Again and Again

    Choose Yourself… Again and Again and Again

    And so we are reminded of the power of knowing, being, loving and, ultimately, CHOOSING ourselves. Every day. Consciously. Intentionally. Repeatedly. And for all the right reasons. Because that one (not so) little choice is the wellspring of all the rest of the good that is waiting for us, the…

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  • Defeated… or Defiant? Your Call

    Defeated… or Defiant? Your Call

    Anytime I feel stuck, I remember that the choice is mine: I can be resigned to staying put, or I can change the world around me. I can drop the heavy rock I’m carrying. Diligently chip away at it. Blast it away with dynamite. Erode it slowly with water. Simply…

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  • When Anything — and Everything — Is Possible

    When Anything — and Everything — Is Possible

    I left my corporate job in the spring of 2013, having balled together every ounce of courage in order to take a big leap without a fully hatched Plan B in place. It was simultaneously terrifying and liberating, and I would be either a genius or an idiot, depending on…

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