• Measuring Success in Unconventional Times

    Measuring Success in Unconventional Times

    It’s that time of year when social media fills up with pictures of kids in their summer skin looking cleaner than usual. There are fewer of these snaps this August, with just 1 in 7 kids in the U.S. returning to brick-and-mortar school full time this fall (so says a New…

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  • Everything Will Be Okay

    Everything Will Be Okay

    So I mentioned yesterday that the last couple months have felt like a thing after a thing after a thing: the sucky Great “Let’s Try Tapering Off Our Antidepressants!” Experiment, which let anxiety and depression rear its nasty head in a big way; a flooded finished basement wreaked havoc on…

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  • A Thing After A Thing After A Thing

    A Thing After A Thing After A Thing

    Thank God for the honest women, the ones who bare their murky times and remind me the power of doing the same. In the last 24 hours my newsfeed has delivered posts from a half-dozen women I admire – Stephanie Birch, Laura McKowen, Holly Whitaker, Celeste Yvonne – The Ultimate Mom Challenge, The Joy…

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  • The Freedom of the Forest

    The Freedom of the Forest

    You know that saying “Can’t see the forest for the trees?,” the one that describes being so focused on the details that you miss the big picture? I had one of those forest-seeing moments the other day and, lemme tell you, it was better than finding $5 in the pocket…

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  • Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

    Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

    Too thick? Too thin? Too lazy? Too ambitious? Too emotional? Too heartless? Too angry plain conceited spineless promiscuous self-centered spontaneous blunt irresponsible bold sad wild dorky smart driven timid busy accommodating perfect broken?  No. NO NO NO NO NO. You might be any of those things – hell, you might…

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  • Keep Going

    Keep Going

    Beloveds, I want to tell you something, and I’d love it if you leaned in and got close. Closer. Yeah, that’s good. Now, listen: If you are doing something different or new or from your soul: I want you to KEEP GOING, and don’t let the naysayers knock you off…

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  • Turn Your Angst Into Action

    Turn Your Angst Into Action

    While troubles with money, relationships, bad habits, or unsatisfying jobs might not seem to have much in common… the solutions for turning bad situations around do. And they all start with you. Here are seven strategies for turning your angst into action: Write it down: Take a few minutes to put…

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  • A Dream Delayed But Not Discarded

    A Dream Delayed But Not Discarded

    Did I ever tell you about when I first started “working on my book?” It’s a dramedy, that’s for sure. (And air quotes because, at some points, that’s the characterization my effort has deserved.) But, it’s a good story. Pull up a stool and let’s rewind. I’ll give you the…

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  • Taking Inventory

    Taking Inventory

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s this: Just because we get served a sh*t sandwich doesn’t mean we have to eat it. Nope. Not once we understand that we have choices, anyway.   It takes a personal audacity to question, take exception, define and decide all…

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