• Learning to Skate Through Life

    Learning to Skate Through Life

    Yesterday I took my little girls ice skating for the first time. It was like three hours of “Bambi” learning to walk on a frozen pond. It’s not an exaggeration to guess each of them fell close to a hundred times. Sometimes it was met with a good-natured giggle, other…

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  • Lessons from Ferguson: Hold the Door Open for the Person Behind You

    Lessons from Ferguson: Hold the Door Open for the Person Behind You

    As someone who lives just miles away from Ferguson, Mo., I can’t shake the feeling that I’m SUPPOSED to say something about it. But what  exactly to say?? There are too many voices shouting too many opinions already. Most aren’t that helpful, and some are just downright hateful. I don’t want…

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  • Not Happy? Then Do Something Else

    Not Happy? Then Do Something Else

    I remember the scene well: Strolling on a San Francisco beach with a girlfriend, lamenting the exhausting and never-ending struggle to balance career and family. At one point, I saw a little boy frolicking in the surf, letting out happy squeals as his mom threw him up in the air….

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  • Butterflies


    A friend of the You Are Not Stuck community on Facebook shared this photo and it got me wondering: What was the last thing that gave you butterflies? The good kind, mind you, those sweet flutters of excitement and anticipation… the ones that tickle your heart… the ones that bring on…

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  • What’s Your Practice Today?

    What’s Your Practice Today?

    Oftentimes I preach “softness” because that’s the sermon I need to hear. What I lack is not confidence, or ambition, or faith that everything will be alright… my daily practice is to invite and embody a sense of vulnerability. But my practice is not your practice. And the sermon that…

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  • Let’s Be Magical

    Let’s Be Magical

    “Dance like no one is watching… Because they are not… They are checking their phone.” For today, let’s all lay down all the little ways in which we hold ourselves back:The fears over what people will think…  The worry that we somehow won’t measure up to the crushing weight of…

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  • Sit with Your Shit to Reclaim Your Peace

    Sit with Your Shit to Reclaim Your Peace

    What do you do when you lose your sense of peace, when life feels like it’s careening off the rails? Do you retreat? Tighten your grip? Lash out? Lie on your belly and beat your fists on the floor as you weep and yell and torment yourself and everyone else…

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  • The Power of a Sincere Compliment

    The Power of a Sincere Compliment

    TWO-MINUTE HOMEWOK: About a year ago, I received an incredible compliment from someone whose opinion I value a lot: my mother. “I’m not sure the exact point in your life at which you became my hero,” she wrote in an e-mail. “It has been subtle and gradual. And yet again…you…

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  • Don’t Settle for the Harbor

    Don’t Settle for the Harbor

    “A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” —Grace Hopper Take refuge in the harbor when you need it — but, please, don’t linger there. Do not play it safe. Your ship was built to sail, to travel to the depths and nooks and…

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