Oh, What a Difference a (Hundred) Day(s) Make!

Flash back to Sept. 23, 2014, when You Are Not Stuck was just a couple months old and had about 500 followers on Facebook. I was feeling *pretty damn good* about things. In a moment of particular confidence – or was it, perhaps, the height of hope? – I reached out to the wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert. (She wrote a little book called “Eat, Pray, Love”… maybe you’ve heard of her?)

I asked Liz to like us. AND WOULD YOU BELIEVE SHE SAID YES?!

In the days that followed, the size of this group doubled. And then doubled again. Then again.

Now, today, about 100 days later, THERE ARE MORE THAN 10,000 OF US DREAMERS from every corner of the globe, rooting each other on as we do the brave and important work of breaking free from the chains that bind, maneuvering out of tight spots where it’s hard to breathe, and stepping instead into the warm light of possibility and freedom and our truest selves.

There are days when I practically have to pinch myself to realize this is not a dream. But then I see it actually IS a dream… a dream that’s coming true. It’s part of the reality I’m crafting.

**With every choice, we weave the fabric of our existence.**

My hope is that every day, at every juncture, you’ll remind yourself about the power of mapping your own path: “Psssst. Hey you! Don’t forget that you HAVE choices in this life. You just have to find the courage to actually MAKE them.”

So what will you pick today? WHAT CAN YOU DO IN YOUR NEXT 100 DAYS? (Or undo, for that matter?)

Might you…

Make a new friend, or reconnect with an old one?

Learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby?

Kick a bad habit, or replace it with a good one?

Get serious about earning a living in a way that aligns with your values and priorities?

Ask the tough questions about the state of your relationship(s)?

Squirrel away some money and take the trip you’ve always wanted? Or maybe take just one day to play hooky?

Celebrate the people you love?

Commit to a lifestyle that emphasizes self-care and well-being?

Find the courage to be vulnerable, to admit when you’re wrong, and to apologize when necessary? How about accepting a genuine apology that’s offered to you?

Generally fix what’s broken?

WHATEVER IT IS, YOU CAN DO IT. I know, with my whole heart, that your options are as limitless as your potential. You just have to believe in yourself – and trust that, no matter what, YOU ARE NOT STUCK.

But, I promise you this: You’ll never know if you don’t try.


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