2015: The Year of “More”

Given all the preachin’ I’ve done about New Year’s resolutions lately, I thought I at least ought to show my hand.

For me, in many ways, 2014 was a year of “less.” Due to changes in both my and my husband’s jobs, I had less money in my pocket. So I shopped less, traveled less, dined less.

This is not to say that “less” is a bad thing; it’s not. It’s actually quite good unless taken to extremes.

I felt a bit of that this year – not just the expected sense of loss that comes with forgoing the “little” things that I used to enjoy, but a dramatic shift toward a scarcity mindset that I’d never known before.

I found myself wound up in a way of thinking turned my usual “thrifty” to downright “stingy”: I never offered to pick up the tab for a friend. I sent no gifts of congratulations or thanks, even though they were called for. I’m ashamed to admit I don’t think I even bought flowers on Mother’s Day!

I acted – and, therefore, felt – cheap.

I hereby declare the era of “less” over – and 2015 will be “The Year of More!”

Not just in the financial sense; in fact, not really in that sense at all. This year will be about more of EVERYTHING my heart needs.

More joy.

More light.

More empathy, humanity, compassion.

More interest and consideration and care.

More intentional kisses and 20-second hugs.

More attention, more patience and more active listening.

More trust and forgiveness and benefit of the doubt.

More “yes.”

More time with dear family and with cherished friends who are like family.

More quiet moments alone, along with more reflection and inquiry.

More softness and vulnerability.

More soaking up sunshine and radiating warmth back out into the world.

More words and books and poems and letters. Reading more. Writing more.

More empowerment and support – for me and the ones who look to me for it.

More practice on the road to mastery, with a renewed emphasis on the fundamentals.

More sweat and more stamina and generally more asking hard things of my body, because I know it will thank me.

More awareness.

More mindfulness.

More love.


That’s my intention for the year, in a word.

What’s yours?

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