Hash Hash

Winter 2024 Retreat @ Kripalu


Why do we stay in circumstances that make us unhappy when we could ostensibly make another choice? Challenges, disappointments, and unmet expectations—whether in jobs, habits, or relationships—can make us feel stuck. But “stuck” is a feeling, not a fact, and we all have the ability to make brave changes. 

Join yoga teacher and personal empowerment writer Becky Vollmer and learn how align your day-to-day activities with your long-term values and priorities. Understand how fear holds you back and develop an appreciation for choice and change. Connect to your deepest self and gain clarity around the life you seek.

Through guided breath, purposeful movement, and self-exploration, you will:

  • Bust through the fears that make change so intimidating.
  • Ask tough questions and peel back the protective layers of ego to get to the raw and honest answers. 
  • Practice yoga poses—for all levels—designed to soothe and embolden body and spirit.
  • Tap into the power that lies in your choices and the courage already inside you.  

Reconsider the terms of the life you’re living and return home feeling refreshed for the new year and equipped with the tools to take the next steps in your life’s journey.