Hash Hash

Fall 2023 Retreat @ The Art of Living


We all feel stuck sometimes—in our jobs, our relationships, our habits, or when the life we’re living simply doesn’t add up to the one we want. We feel stuck when it seems like we don’t have options, or when we don’t trust or allow ourselves to make the changes we so deeply long to make.

Yoga teacher and personal empowerment writer Becky Vollmer believes that when we feel paralyzed by our fears the answer isn’t just courage—it’s choice. That’s because we all have choices, we just have to be brave enough to make them.

In this dynamic program of guided breath, purposeful movement, and self-exploration, Becky helps you connect to your deepest self and take your next steps on life’s journey. Through a modern and approachable view on ancient yoga philosophy, a series of reflection exercises, and a healthy dose of laugh-out-loud humor, you learn how to make soul-guided choices in support of the life you’ve desired all along.

Over the course of this weekend, Becky invites you to

  • Ask tough questions and peel back the protective layers of ego to get to the raw, honest answers
  • Bust through the fears that make change so intimidating and tap into the divine courage already inside you
  • Close the gap between intention and action by creating a strategic path forward that’s as unique as your thumbprint
  • Experience yoga poses designed to soothe and embolden body and spirit (all postures can be modified for beginners).

There will be plenty of writing, so please bring an open mind, willing heart, and a journal and pen.